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CARE Dog Training is run by Alton Matherne who uses only positive reward based methods.  Alton has been training dogs and working with problem behaviour for the past 21 years.  His love of dogs began with his first dog at age 7 and there has seldom been a phase of his life without a dog.  He is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers where he is an Assessor for new membership applicants as well as a lecturer on Learning Theory for the APDT Basic and Advanced Dog Training Instructor’s courses.  He is also a Full Member of The Canine Behaviour and Training Society (formerly the UK Registry of Canine Behaviourist) and has served on the Board of Directors from 2006 to 2013.  Both of these organisations have a Code of Practice and a complaints procedure to protect the public.

 Alton is co-founder of Canine Aid, Rescue & Ethology (CARE) which rescues and re-homes around 150 dogs a year.  Alton lives with his wife, Daphne, plus 9 dogs, in East Anglia where he conducts basic training and behavioural referrals from two veterinary practices.

CARE Dog Training use Clicker training to work with both normal and problem behaviour.  Clicker training is the application of two of the quadrants of operant conditioning and incorporates a marker signal to aid the dog in rapid learning.  Clicker training has proven to be safe and very effective with all animals especially the fearful and shy.  

People are constantly amazed at how quickly their dog can learn when the proper techniques are put into place.  For example a "Sit"  or "Down" can usually be taught in about 10 minutes.  Practice over the next few weeks makes the exercise very strong and reliable.

Clicker training is rewarding for  dog and the owner.  Practice builds two way communication and gives the dog some influence over his environment.  By learning acceptable behaviour the dog becomes a much more valued family member and many unwanted behaviours reduce or disappear.  Good dog training is about building relationships between dog and owner and producing a dog that wants to please and in many situations knows how to please.  At the same time the owner should gain a better  understanding and expectation of their dog.

CARE Dog Training conduct private (one to one) training classes for dogs of all ages.   Please phone to make an appointment for Al to visit.  Basic pet dog training can usually be completed in 3 lessons and will cover sit, down, recall, loose lead walking and stay.

Behaviour problems such as jumping up, destruction or soiling when left, difficult toilet training, noise phobia and all types of aggression are dealt with on an individual case basis.  Charges vary depending on severity and time required.  Al is one of the first and very few Behaviourist to have studied and use the new Constructional Aggression Treatment (CAT) in the UK.  CAT is a real breakthrough in dealing with aggression and provides exceptional results.

 No choke chains or harsh methods are needed.  So you don't have to hurt your best friend.

Alton is available for talks to local groups on various topics of dog ownership, training, behaviour and rescue.

Contact us on 01493 653955.

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