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CARE Dog Rescue is a small, family run, non-profit organisation, dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of dogs. Located in Norfolk, we cover Norfolk, Suffolk and into northern Cambridge.  We take in unwanted, abandoned or abused dogs, pay for veterinary treatment and find  new homes where the dog can continue its life in a kind, loving environment.   CARE also rehome all the strays found in the area.

CARE Dog Rescue have been operating for over 21  years and have found homes for over 1900 dogs. Once accepted a  dog remains with CARE until a suitable home is found.

To date no healthy dog has been put down.

If you want to go for one of the supposedly new "First Cross" dog breeds then think again.  These mixes are not new and with a little patience and looking around you can most likely find one in a shelter waiting for a new home.  The cost will be substantially lower also!!

CARE rehomed the strays in the Great Yarmouth area and we are proud that we are able to help dogs find new homes that may have been destroyed in many cases,  Without CARE the dogs would be no more. 

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