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CARE Dog Rescue would like to neuter all dogs, but the simple fact is that we cannot afford the cost of doing so.  We have therefore adopted a policy of neutering any dog that requires it on medical grounds and also neutering the male dogs when finances permit. This improves the male's  temperament,   removes the chance of reproductive cancers and makes the dog  much more family orientated and affectionate.  Similar improvements are seen when neutering females like reduced mammary tumours, elimination of reproductive cancers and elimination of Pyometra.

There are many more dogs than there are good homes for them.  Every time we hear of another litter born because someone wants one of "his" or "her" pups we worry about what will happen to the other 7 extra dogs now in the world and depending on man to provide safe warm beds, good food and most of all the love and companionship these animals need and deserve.

Please help us in two ways.....1) have your own dog neutered and 2) send a donation so we can afford to neuter all the dogs.  YOU can make a big difference!!!   By doing those two things YOU will reduce the number of neglected and abused dogs for years to come.  Thank You!!!


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