Rescue dogs in Norfolk, Suffolk and surrounding areas

CARE Dog Rescue have new dogs coming in daily. There are all types, shapes and looks. We do not get many small dogs, but from time to time small dogs do come along. So you never know, your ideal companion may be with us now and looking for a home.

Please phone CARE Dog Rescue on 01493 653955 to discuss the type of dog you want, so that we can do our best to match the right dog to you and your family.

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01493 653955

If you find a dog you like, please give us a ring.

POPPY - Female - 8 or 9 old

Bichon cross

Poppy – Bichon cross,  Female, approximately 8 or 9 years old, Good with children, OK with dogs, Very affectionate, Mischievous personality, Lovable, House trained.  A lovely girl,  A lovely dog with loads of personality. She takes to women more than men.

We rehomed Poppy in 2017 and now she is back for another home due to family bereavement.  These pictures are from 2017 and we are awaiting more recent photos and any new information but she will go quickly so phone soon.

Owner passed away and the family cannot look after her.

Phone Daphne on 01493 653955

LIZZIE - Female - 4 years old

Mixed Breed

Pet Passport

Lizzie – Mixed breed, Female (Neutered), about 4 years old, Chipped, Vaccinated, Has Pet Passport.

Lizzie was saved from the public shelter and taken into a private shelter where she had 5 pups.. All safe in homes now.

Lizzie has been neutered and is good with dogs and people,

She will travel to the UK from Romania arriving around the 3rd or 4th July

Please phone Daphne  on 01493 653955 if interested in this dog.

BOBBY - Male - 1 TO 2 old

Mixed Breed

Pet Passport
Bobby – Mixed Breed, Male (Neutered), 6 years old, Vaccinated, Chipped, Has Pet Passport, Bobby is 50 cm (20 inches) at the shoulder in height, About border collie size.
Bobby arrived from Romania a few weeks ago and settled into the foster home with 2 other dogs and a busy home with no problems. He is totally laid back, easy going, very affectionate, good with people, children and dogs. He loves the easy life and is a great pet, undemanding and affectionate. Most likely he will get on well with cats but we don’t know.
Bobby has a problem, he loves to jump fences and roam! In spite of all advice to keep him on a long line, which was ignored, Bobby escaped over a 6ft gate in the first home he was trailed in and luckily was found close by and returned to CARE.
He also hates to sleep alone, he is best on his bed in your bedroom floor where he sleeps all night.
Must go to a home with a very secure garden and be kept on a long line for a month or so until he bonds,, and must be welcomed as part of the family and not be shut away.
Otherwise, Bobby is the ideal pet dog, he is a lovely, friendly, easy going boy looking for his forever home!
For more info please phone Daphne on 01493 653955

MICKEY - Male - 1 year old

Mixed Breed

Pet Passport

MICKEY – Romanian mixed breed, Male (Neutered), 12 months old (DOB estimated Jun 2020), Vaccinated, Chipped, Has Pet Passport.

Mickey was rescued off the streets of Romania along with his Mum back in August 2020. Both mom and son had distemper and were in the vet for some time but luckily both fully recovered and were discharged in Sep 2020.
He arrived from another rescue to CARE with a few issues and we don’t have a foster home for him so he has been in a local kennels where he is doing well and loves all the staff there, and they like him.
CARE keeps Micky in kennels where daily training took place, his learning was amazing!! He learned sit, down, stay, touch, recall and heel almost instantly. He improves daily and is one of the most intelligent dogs I have worked with in 30 years or training. Absolutely incredible! He would be best suited for an experience dog owner who does training in just about any discipline, he learns so fast, you have to be good to keep up.
So the truth about Micky, he is not a Jeckle and Hyde character, he is not a bad dog, He is not unpredictable. He is a typical street dog that learned off his mother how to survive on the streets, how to defend himself when absolutely necessary, how to be very loving and affectionate to the people who are kind to him.
Micky is rarely but sometimes sensitive when his neck is reached for, most of the time you can scruff him, hold his collar and do what you want while he loves the attention and fuss. But rarely he has a little flashback to being caught by the dog catchers in Ro (they use catch poles and are very harsh).
Rarely he reacts if caught up in a small space and someone bends down over him, again another flashback to a very horrible time.
He may guard his food bowl but that is easily solved by putting his
food down and leaving him alone until he finishes eating,, I have been with him in two meal times and picked up is empty bowl with no problem
Micky does not like confrontation. So if he is doing something that you don’t want, you will have to nicely use treats to move him or get him to do something else. If you try to TELL him what to do, try to be the BOSS, he gets
very scared and defends himself in the only way he knows how, by growling.
Micky has never bitten, its all threats. And now that he is neutered he will be much more gentle, calm and willing to do as asked.
He will need a bit of training which is not complicated but the biggest thing he needs is a loving home, with patience, with kindness and time, time to forget the horrid past and build trust and love with a family. He is super smart, super nice and super affectionate.
Micky would be best in an home with experienced dog owners. No small children as he probably has never seen them before. He needs someone home most of the time and would be fine with a friendly adult female dog in residence.
He is a very easy dog to love, and can do anything you can train.
He would make a great agility, obedience or scent work or just about any other discipline. He is very intelligent and loves interaction.
For more info please phone Alton on 07803 145680