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CARE Dog Rescue have new dogs coming in daily.  There are all types, shapes and looks.  We do not get many small dogs, but from time to time small dogs do come along.  So you never know,  your ideal companion may be with us now and looking for a home.

We rehome some of the strays collected in the Norfolk area, therefore if you are interested in one of these dogs please call us as soon as possible, it just might save a life!

Please phone CARE Dog Rescue on  01493 653955 to discuss the type of dog you want, so that  we can do our best  to match the right dog to you and your family.

CARE rehomed 138 dogs in 2009!

Care rehomed 151 dogs in 2010

Care rehomed 162 dogs in 2011

Care rehomed 131 dogs in 2012

CARE rehomed 192 dogs in 2013

CARE rehomed 119 dogs in 2014

CARE rehomed 97 dogs in 2015

CARE rehomed 102 dogs in 2016

CARE rehomed 75 dogs in 2017

CARE desperately need foster homes, please call if you can foster a dog for a while.


Dogs in need of a good home as of

18 Sep 2018

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Ruby (was a stray) - Lab cross, Female, about 6 months old.  Chipped but the addressee said Ruby must have  belonged to the previous occupiers but  BTW, here is are some toys she might like!!!  So it seems this poor girl has basically been allowed to run away or dumped and not wanted back.  Well now she is in one of CARE's foster homes until tomorrow the 19th when she is coming to stay with us and 7 dogs here.

We have little history, she is puppyish and playful but shy and can be frightened of new things.  She should come round in a few days of kindness, good food and a bit of fuss.  She will make a great  pet with people who will give her a bit of love!

Phone Daphne on 01493 653955 for more information about this dog.

Coco (was a Stray) - Yorkie (maybe crossed?), Female, Estimated 3 to 4 years old, Affectionate,  Very sweet, Prefers to be on your lap or close to you, a little timid, Ok with dogs, Dog warden says she is an escape artist and nervous at firs but soon becomes relaxed and affectionate.  This is so typical of these small dogs that are lost and terrified, most always settle down as soon as they know they are safe and loved.

Now in a foster home with 3 other dogs and doing fine.

Phone Jane on 07568 583234 for more information about this dog.

Tashie (was Pistachio) - Mixed Breed, Male (Neutered), 7 years old (DOB 5th May 2011),  About 15 inches at the shoulder, Chipped, Has Pet Passport Good with dogs, Likes people but is timid at first, ignores cats, He loves treats and playing with toys.   His Mother was abandoned when heavily pregnant on an Industrial estate,  She was taken to a local Dog Sanctuary where Tashie  was born


He and his brother, have been in shelter all their lives and deserve a loving home, He is here in our home with our 6 dogs and doing well, still shy and worried  but  is making progress and improving daily. Generally better with women than men. 

Tashie is shy, but so desperately wants to be friends and find that special person to trust and love, to take him home and make him safe forever.    Tashie  and his brother (now adopted and doing well) are the essence of rescue, given time, security and love they will flourish, are you ready to be loved unconditionally and to loose your heart

Phone Daphne on 01493 653955 for more information about this dog.


Bullseye - French Bulldog x Pug, Male, 5 years old, DOB 13 Jul 2013, Vaccinated but not given yearly boosters, Chipped,  Good with children, Good with people, Ok with dogs - kind of leaves them alone, Barks at cats when they come into the garden, Bullseye is a quiet dog, he plays a little but loves to be close to you,  Loves to sit next to you on the settee, Loves a fuss and a cuddle.

Bullseye is allergic to all meat and has to be fed a vegetarian diet,  In summer he has mild reaction to pollen and takes a Periton tablet am and pm when needed, also has a little hydrocortisone cream rubbed in on his paws when needed but neither is a major task and in winter he is fine. 

His only other vice is that he does not like to be left, so he barks and howls.  Because of this the owners are reluctantly giving him up.  Therefore he MUST (NO EXCEPTIONS)  be homed to a family where someone is home all the time.  Separation Anxiety is "curable" in time but it takes a few months to make real progress.  Our behaviourist is available to work with you should you wish to adopt Bullseye but it will take some work on your part as well.

we feel Bullseye would be ideal for an older couple with another quiet dog or who enjoy taking their dog with them on outings and holidays in the UK.  One thing for sure, he is just a super boy who wont last lone until someone adopts him forever.

Phone Daphne on 01493 653955 for more information about this dog.


The dogs below are shown on behalf or Life into Balance Dog Rescue which is run by our friends and is separate and independent from CARE

Lotti - This pretty girl is about a year old - she is vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped & has a pet passport.  Lotti was born in Adjud public shelter, Romania and had seen nothing outside of the shelter in her little life until coming here in July. She has learnt the basics here & is a very friendly and affectionate little girl  - she is looking for a family to show her how great the world can be I would prefer her to be rehomed with another dog as she is very playful. If you would like to meet Lotti please get in touch.

  For more information contact Lisa 07843 050396 or 01502 538192 -

Omar - Beautiful boy of about 16 months - found abandoned with his 9 siblings in a cave in Spain and taken to the shelter where he spent all of his life until coming to us - we recently re homed Omars brother who is just the sweetest soul so we couldn't resist bringing Omar as well. Omar left Spain on 22nd August and has been coming along in leaps and bounds. We adore this boy, he is sweet, affectionate, quiet and gentle, he moves beautifully and walks well on the lead, clean in the house, great with the other dogs - a real blessing for whoever adopts him & makes him part of their family. He has one ear that is usually down and one that is usually up which makes him even more gorgeous in my opinion. This is a dog you have to meet to fully appreciate, his personality is even more beautiful than he looks.

 If you would like more information about Omar contact Lisa / LIB dogs 07843050396 - 01502 538192 or

Perla sweet young girl - 1yr old. Fully vaccinated, chipped, neutered and with her own passport. She is much smaller than you would think from first glance, because of her German Shepard looks.- Her owner in Romania was dragging her along behind his cart at 8 months old to dump her in the woods because she didn't bark and was too friendly to guard, she was rescued by our friend from Adjud public shelter Romania. Perla leaves Romania on the 16th Aug, arriving on the 18th.

If you would like more information or to meet Perla contact Lisa 07843050396 - 01502538192

Gino is a cute little character - approx 9yrs old. Fully vaccinated, chipped and with his own passport. He spent most of his life in a cage with no socialization. Gino has been with Muttlins rescue for a while, but due to the loss of their land he has been entrusted to us. He is still a little uncertain about the fuss we are making of him but he will let you to pick him up and stroke him. He will go out for a little walk, but needs to build a little fitness. The tag put in his ear in Romania has left quite a hole and must have been quite painful. Gino is looking for a forever home. He is pretty irresistible - such a cute & funny little fellow.


Contact Lisa 07843050396, 01502 538192 or to chat about Gino

Zimbar - Pretty small/medium sized female cross breed (Neutered) Age 9 years according to her passport but she is so lively and agile I suspect she might be younger. She is chipped, Vaccinated for distemper, parvo, dirofilaria & rabies & has a Pet Passport. Zimbar was adored at the Adjud public shelter and was affectionately called 'Zimbareata' 'The smiler' because she is always happy and smiling despite the harsh conditions.  Zimbar is an older dog who deserves a little more comfort in her life and is very happy now that she has a cosy bed, a full belly & someone to love her everyday, she is doing very well with her foster family. This is very sweet & special little soul and we are just so happy that she wont be spending another freezing winter in a Romanian public shelter.  Contact us is you would like to offer Zimbar love, a home and a happier life in the UK.

Phone or message Lisa for more information (07843 050396), (01502 538192) or


If you don't see a dog you like on our web site please click on the link below to view the lost dogs currently with the Animal Warden Services in West Norfolk.  If you are interested in any dogs on this site then please phone Daphne 01493 653955 to discuss. 

For info on any of the dogs ABOVE please phone the listed contact.



A big THANK YOU to those of you who have given a good home to rescue dogs in the past. 


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